Anechoic Wedges

Anechoic Wedges


Type Anechoic
Materal Rubber
Color Black
Surface Polished
Featrue Durable
Thickness 5-10 mm

Sound Insulation with acoustic foam offer the perfect blend of technical specifications and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The increased NRC ratings across the board will meet even the strictest audiophile's needs. Whether you're a professional musician creating a sound studio, or simply trying to help control some sonic anomalies in your hall, gym or church

We offer the complete range of acoustic foam in order to meet your acoustic needs. Order by the pack and/or larger sizes for Note regarding custom cut pieces: We try to provide one seamless piece for your order. However, since this foam is manufactured in pairs, we will sometimes send two pieces of half the size you've ordered

Acoustic foam is not fire retardant. Use at your own risk.

For total sound blocking it is necessary to control the flow of air into and out of a room. Sheet rock walls, ceilings, and floors should be further insulated with 6mm. Acoustic foam is best applied to your walls and surfaces with a heavy staple gun or our adhesive spray. Remember, most acoustic sheets larger than 82" x 96" will have seams. During the vacuum packing process (for shipping) these seams can open. It is recommended that you purchase a can of foam glue to mend any seams that may have ripped during shipping.

Acoustic absorption is the key to this line! Go with our 2" Wedges when you're trying to tame frequencies in smaller areas. These are our most popular seller and work great with most acoustical needs. Our 3" Wedges are better at absorbing low-end frequencies than the 2" version. Medium sized areas will appreciate the acoustic accuracy of the 3" wedges. 4" Wedges are best for larger sized areas with bass control issues. If you need maximum acoustic control and sound accuracy, 4" is the size for you.

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