Acoustic Silencer

The silencers can be installed with catalysts or SCR systems if required by the client. The silencers are usually cylindrical in shape with a circular or oval opening. They are made of a variety of materials which depends to a large extent on the application.

There are two types of engine exhaust silencers which are as follows :

  • Absorptive type silencer : The absorptive engine silencer has sound control levels between 15dB (A) to 25dB (A) (type SM15P and SM25P)
  • Reactive type silencer : The reactive and wave phase shift has a noise control level of 30dB (A) to 50dB (A) (type SM30P, SM40P, SM50P)

Usages For :

  • HVAC systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Generators
  • Industrial fans
  • Outlet and inlets at radiator


Shape Circular Or Rectangular
Size As per Client Requirement
Colour As per Client Requirement
Infilled Material High Density Acoustical Material
Sound Reduction 20-25 dB (A)
Design CAD Drawing of Acoustic Silencer as per Actual Site Condition