room acoustic enclosure

Room acoustics provide noise control with acoustic linings within the walls and ceiling. Accompaniments include acoustic door and soundproof glass. These materials weigh in around 48/64 96kg/m3 which confirms to IS 8183 and BS 476 Part II. The tissue fibers are laminated and covered with GI/AI with perforated sheets (45% perforation). The tiles are pre-coated with micro-perforated clip-in’s which also gives it an edge aesthetically. Air ventilation is also availed to provide maximum airflow to cool and prevent over-heating.

Usage for :

  • Engine testing room
  • DG rooms
  • Home theatre


Wall Tile 600x600mm or 1200x1200mm
Ceiling Tile 600x600mm
Tile Perforation 3,4,5 mm or as per requirement
Infilled Material High Density Acoustical Material
Colour As per Requirement
Cut-outs Proper arrangement for cut-outs
Wiring Internal or External Electrical Wiring Arrangement
Mounting Addition Instrument Mounting Arrangement
Noise Reduction Up to 50dB (A)
Light Proper Light Arrangement to Maintain 300 Lux Inside