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Polycarbonate Noise Barrier

Based in Uttar Pradesh, India, we have gained prominence as the Manufacturer and Supplier of Polycarbonate Noise Barrier. The Noise Barrier we offer is preferred by various industries for their durability, smooth finish and ease of use. To ensure customers satisfaction, we check the Polycarbonate Noise Barrier on stringent quality parameters before the final delivery.

More about Polycarbonate Noise Barrier : Polycarbonate Noise Barriers for Metro Rail, which comprise the great majority of absorptive type metallic panel & reflective type polycarbonate sheet, are generally located at the edge of the road to reflect traffic noise. Some noise is transmitted through the barrier, but is generally low in relation to the noise level on the other side of the barrier. The height of these barriers is usually greater than other types. Often, traffic noise levels increase for vehicle occupants.


Technical Specifications :

  • Metallic Part
  • Laboratory measurement of airborne sound as per IS-9901(Part III) 1981, DIN 52210  part IV 1984, ISO : 140 ( Part III) 1995
  • Sound proofing class A4
  • Sound deadening class B2
  • Type of wall - Double skin insulated wall
  • Outside sheet Plain Aluminum alloy sheet, 1.2 mm thick
  • Inside sheet   (Traffic  / source side) Skin 1.2 mm thick Aluminum alloy perforated sheet with 42% open area with 5 mm hole
  • Weight - Approx 12.5 kg /Sq.m
  • Acoustic material Polyester fiber, in two layers of 50 mm thick density 60 kg/m3
  • Middle sheet - Plain Aluminum alloy sheet, 1.2 mm thick
  • Panel joint - Each panel having tong & groove to joint perfectly with each other
  • Gasket - The panel and structure having gaskets at the joint to block noise leakage
  • Vertical post / Structure - The structure is of H profile in which acoustic panel slides longitudinally
  • Top cover - all acoustic panel covered at top with top cover made of  Aluminum alloy riveted to panel
  • Powder Coating - all metallic surface / parts are powder coated, the minimum thickness is 60 Mu
  • The STC rating is 36

Applications :

  • Highways ,Flyovers & Railway track
  • To cover Industrial premises
  • Construction sites
  • Stadium & Clubs
  • Residential premises